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CIRCA 1945 - Fighting ends in 1918 with German surrender to the Allies and the signing of the Armistice. CIRCA 1944 - German artillerymen and an armored unit are successful in battle. An officer interrogates American POWs. CIRCA 1940 - The Panzer Division advances across a French battlefield. CIRCA 1940 - Hitler oversees a military parade which includes marching units, armored vehicles, and Luftwaffe planes in flight. CIRCA 1940 - 1940 WW2, allied soldiers are evacuated from Dunkirk, France, and a major defeat of the French Army by the Germans. CIRCA 1940s - A group of American paratroopers fight German forces in Holland during World War 2 CIRCA 1939 - Hitler makes a speech in a German auditorium. German soldiers blow up buildings in Warsaw. CIRCA 1940 - German soldiers advance by foot, vehicle, and horseback in France. 1940s - Allied forces begin D-Day and attempt to recapture France during World War 2 CIRCA 1940s - Allied forces begin D-Day and attempt to recapture France during World War 2 CIRCA 1944 - German soldiers engage in trench warfare in Eastern Europe. CIRCA 1945 - An aerial view shows the wreckage of German cities after heavy bombing, and tanks sit unused in a destroyed war plant in Bismarck. CIRCA 1945 - American soldiers drive M-4 tanks over a pontoon bridge in Germany, while others march German POWs across it. CIRCA 1940s - SS officers Gemeker and Van Dam consult with another SS leader on a train platform and the train filled with prisoners takes off. CIRCA 1939 - Polish troops march and man anti-aircraft guns. A farm is seen on fire in the Polish countryside. CIRCA 1944 - British, French and Polish troops march in Cassino, Italy and take members of the German 1st Parachute Division prisoner. CIRCA 1942 - Combat footage shows the Luftwaffe and German artillery in action. World War Two - German Medic attends to wounded soldier during cinematic battle CIRCA 1940s - Prisoners arrive from Camp Vught by train to the Westerbork Concentration Camp and are registered, in the Netherlands. 1944 - The Battle of the Bulge begins with many casualties for the Americans as the Germans advance in Belgium (narrated in 1965). CIRCA 1940s - A train heads away from the camp, prisoners sort through a scrap metal pile at the Westerbork Concentration Camp in the Netherlands.
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