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NEW YORK CITY/USA - CIRCA 1959: Several people and street scenes from Manhattan, New York City. NEW YORK - OCTOBER 17, 2013: taxi cab driving in Manhattan in New York. Yellow taxicabs are iconic and are able to pick up passengers anywhere in the five boroughs of NYC, USA. NEW YORK, 1971, Times Square, classic shot, crowds of people, buses, cars, taxis, looking north CIRCA 1940s - Driving the streets of New York City in 1945 CIRCA 1920s - A reckless New York City taxi driver drives a customer in 1928 NEW YORK, 1971, Yellow taxis on Seventh Avenue in Times Square NEW YORK, 1971, Tango Palace, Girls, flashing lights, Times Square at night NEW YORK, NY, NEW YORK CITY Streets. Walking in New York. NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 2, 2014: Taxicab interior and meter with rear view mirror and Empire State Building in Busy Downtown Manhattan New York City. Empire State Building is a skyscraper in NYC, USA. New York / USA - Sept 14, 2020: 50% Discount sign in front of a store on Broadway in Soho New York. This area usually filled with people is nearly empty now. Filmed during Coronavirus Pandemic. New York / USA - Nov 21, 2020: New York City yellow taxi depot / garage. Dim light. Sad, dark and gritty tone. Filmed during Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) when the Taxi industry was struggling. NEW YORK, NY, NEW YORK CITY Streets. Walking in New York. Empire state building NEW YORK, NY, NEW YORK CITY Streets. Walking in New York.Rockefeller Center NEW YORK, 1971, Hot Dog cart with man selling hot dog on street, cabs and taxis pass NEW YORK - FEB 9, 2010: taxi cab and liquor wine store, Upper West Side, Manhattan, black and white vintage style footage, driving in NY. Upper Westside is a famous neighborhood in Manhattan, NYC. CIRCA 1920s - Driving the streets of New York City in 1928 New York, United States of America. About 1940. Policemen direct the traffic in the streets of New York New York City , New York / United States - 06 08 2019: Traffic at the intersection of West 14th Street and 9th Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City, filmed in 180 fps slow motion from the High New york , new york / United States - 06 30 2018: NYC Traffic NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 1940: A shot of busy downtown New York at Fifth Avenue including a tour bus passing by in 1940. NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 1940: Visiting downtown New York City and looking up at the Empire State Building in 1940.
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