Terrorism Stock Video Footage

High view of commuters walking. Facial recognition interface showing personal data for each person. Surveillance concept. Artificial intelligence. Deep learning. Seamless animation of a DJ skeleton and skeletons dancers in a cemetery at night. Funny halloween background. Arm hair rising, emotional feeling, 4k Prores HQ Slow motion macro of hair raising goose bumps on man arm skin caused by some strong emotions. Shot in 8K. Crowd of pedestrian commuters crossing London Bridge on their way to work on cool morning in early May.  Slow motion version – real time version also available. Clip 33 of 66 Internet Addiction Reflection Hacker Crime Glasses Browsing Late Night Code Cyber Terrorism Password Hacking Uhd 4K A drone filmed over the city of Aleppo in Syria Playback movie or commercial of armed SWAT police team enter a warehouse that's on fire shooting bad guys from a gang with rifle guns with VFX. Wide shot on 4k RED camera. Animation - red blood transition pattern background. 4k video A flight of a drone over the city of Homs in Syria  03/04/2017 - Homs - Syria Closeup of angry woman. African American girl showing fear, terror and frustration. Slow motion A young excited woman in a panic runs away from her pursuer along a dark corridor. A flickering sign with Russian text above the doors: exit. Crowded building with commuters walking. Artificial intelligence and facial recognition are used for surveillance purposes. Individual data showing sex, race and clothing. Deep learning. Futuristic. Hairs instantly raise on arm from static electricity force impulse caused by balloon or tesla coil, science experiment EXTREME MACRO SHOT Flights canceled or delayed on information board, terrorism threat at airport Surveillance system tracking person's phone, sim card tracking, spying on target. Phone tracking, satellite control center The man screams on a black background in low key, in slow motion, anger emotions Flashy animation of zombies walking through the misty forest. Car explosion on the field. Sedan car. Side view A drone filmed over the city of Aleppo in Syria Nightmare shot of a demon face in the darkness moving around screaming and being scary while a light flashes on his face to add drama to the scene
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