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Welcome to Texas Sign on Interstate 40 at Texas State-line on New Mexico Texas Border A pan shot looking at the length of the fence on the US and Mexico border on a sunny afternoon. Aerial Texas El Paso September 2016 4K Truck drives past a US Border Patrol truck as it patrols the US and Mexico border on a dirt road in the afternoon. A lit up sign at the border that says, "HAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS READY." to help people migrate between countries. Texas/Mexico Border, Circa 2011: camera pans from police cars with lights parked alongside back street to officers arresting an illegal immigrant at Texas/Mexico Border, Circa 2011 Aerial Texas El Paso September 2016 4K Aerial Texas El Paso September 2016 4K Desert town in Texas near the Mexican border Pan shot of the US and Mexico border fence from one side to the other in 4K on a sunny day. 4K pan shot with rack focus looking through the fence between the US and Mexico border. World connections. US. Aerial, maritime and ground routes. State and country borders. Animation of the Earth with bright connections and city lights. 2 shots in 1 file. Locked and dolly. Blue. PECOS RIVER BRIDGE TEXAS MEXICO BORDER AERIAL DRONE Desolated street border city Mexico POV-Road trip through the desert of New Mexico on State Road 9 paralleling the Mexico border between El Paso, Texas and Columbus, New Mexico. Spinning Earth with United State states maps. Loopable.
Each state border freeze a few seconds to let you edit and change the order or duration. Elements of this video furnished by NASA. Texas/Mexico Border, Circa 2011: border patrol agents talk with possible illegal immigrant woman while she is kneeling at Texas/Mexico Border, Circa 2011 Vehicle shot driving past several law enforcement vehicles with a slight glare in frame. Zoom out of Mexico through clouds to see the Earth from space. 4K slow pan shot of the border fence between the US and Mexico. Small dust cloud in the distance and rack focus reveals a chain in the foreground. Panning shot of the fence along the border of the US and Mexico. Mid shot there is a border patrol SUV sitting and guarding the border.
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