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Four young adult friends watching sports on TV celebrating Young Hispanic family sitting on the sofa at home watching TV together, close up Group of friends walking along coastal path together Happy couple walking in the street with baby in a stroller Young creatives brainstorming ideas together at work Young adults sharing a Chinese take-away at a party at home, shot on R3D Young female infant school teacher reading a book to kids sitting on chairs in a classroom Senior couple in open car, woman in passenger seat, close up WS Businessman sitting on terrace using laptop, cityscape in background at night / Beijing, China Male doctor and female nurse walk to the camera in hospital Neighbours stand eating at table at a block party, close up Three young adult male friends unloading backpacks from jeep Mother with red handbag walking in the street with daughter Young family sitting together on the sofa in their living room watching TV, close up, side view Young girl putting cake mix on her mum?s nose while they bake together in the kitchen, close up Happy Little Girl On Her Father's Shoulders At Beach. Three female friends talking and eating a Chinese take-away, shot on R3D Elementary school kids raising hands to teacher in class Young couple with a baby sitting on front stoop, close up Young African American woman running to the front door and welcoming home her soldier husband Young mixed race family sitting on the sofa at home watching TV and eating popcorn
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