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Wynnewood, OK  USA - May 9, 2016: Powerful EF4 Tornado at Close Range Double hurricane storm, tornado top view. Elements of this video furnished by NASA. Animation of giant hurricane seen from outer space Rope Tornado Medium Shot - Eckley, CO Animation of the solar tunnel. movement through the clouds to the sun. background for intro, text Tornado Damage from EF1 tornado. Microburst of high winds topple huge Oak tree on a house. Realistic Dry Ice Smoke Clouds Fog Overlay for different projects and etc… 
4K 150fps RED EPIC DRAGON slow motion 
You can work with the masks in After Effects and get beautiful results!!! Hurrican Florence eye satellite view rotating clouds animation. Contains public domain image by Nasa Abstract Concept of a Hurricane or Tornado Vortex Funnel of Particles of Dust, Debris, and Trails Looping White smoke on a black background.?inematic animation background, flying through stormy clouds. Real Thunder Lightning in Storm Clouds 4K Overlay shooted on dark background. You can use masks in any editing or animation program and get beutiful results. (Slow motion 150fps-Red Epic camera shoot) Hurricane Irma Cat. 5, 160 mph,- Caribbean and south United States - Sept. 5, 2017 - Some of the video elements are public domain NASA imagery: it is requested by NASA that you credit when possible. Tornado Storm Hurricane Debris Green Screen 3D Rendering Animation Beautiful Lightning Strikes on Black Background. Electrical Storm. 17 Videos of Blue Realistic Thunderbolts in Loop Animation in 4k 3840x2160. 4k Cartoon fire animation pack. 4k flash fx fire and explosion set with alpha channel. Lightning bolts of different colors with an alpha channel Hurricane Extremely Heavy Wind and Heavy Rain Breaking Trees and Stokes Houses, Super Typhoon 2 Massive devastating Tornado in a rural landscape 4K Time-lapse video of an intense Kansas rotating supercell thunderstorm, with impressive lightning strikes and wrapping mesocyclone storm structure. Hurricane Storm, tornado, satellite view. Elements of this image furnished by NASA View on a Lighthouse from a Stormy Ocean Tornado and Storm Chasers Wide Shot - Wray, CO
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