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Timelapse video work of equipment on an open pit for gold mining
Portrait of young Caucasian handsome happy man farmer standing in field and smiling to camera. Big tractor on background. Cheerful male worker in agricultural farm. Sunlight. Agriculture farming. Wheat grain in a hand after good harvest of successful farmer, in a background agricultural machinery combine harvester and tractor working on field, slow motion Aerial top down view of an excavator loading crushed stone into a dump truck in a crushed stone quarry A farmer walks across a field in rubber boots on a blurred background of the tractor in motion. Concept of: Rubber boots, Lifestyle, Farmer, Slow Motion, Fields. Shooting from drone flying over tractor with harrow system plowing ground on cultivated farm field, pillar of dust trails behind, preparing soil for planting new crop, agriculture concept, top view Green Tractor and trailer loaded with fresh Harvested ripe Olives crossing an Olive Tree plantation. Apple tree spraying with a tractor A semi truck passes the camera driving on a highway into the sunset, back-view low angle camera. Realistic high quality 3d animation.
Aerial: Wide and Closeup variety of shots showing harvesting machine cutting down ripe sugarcane crop ready to be transported and refined. Sustainable Biofuel and Organic food concept. Top down view of Harvester machines working in wheat field . Combine agriculture machine harvesting golden ripe wheat field. Aerial view of farming tractor spraying on field with sprayer, herbicides and pesticides at sunset. Farm machinery spraying insecticide to the green field, agricultural natural seasonal spring works. Tractors and farm machines harvesting corn in Autumn, breathtaking aerial view.
Drone sliding shot of a farmer in tractor seeding, sowing agricultural crops at field Slow motion Close-up Portrait A tractor driver looks at the camera after a working day at sunset Aerial drone shot of a farmer spraying soybean fields Two tractors going in the opposite direction and cultivating land with using an advanced autopilot and radar system, sensor and control of the surrounding space detectors. 4k Aerial shot of harvester loading off corn on trailers. Aerial shot of modern harvester loading off corn on tractor trailers. Concept of: Tractor, Harvest, Drone, Eco. Combines in the field. Aerial view of harvesters. Season of gathering crops. Rye and barley. 4ะบ Front-View Camera Follows Semi-Truck with Cargo Trailer Driving on a Highway. He's Speeding Through Industrial Warehouse Area with Sunset in the Background. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Front view of a farmer on a red tractor plowing the dusty arid soil. The farm car is followed by hungry birds. Agribusiness in the spring
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