Trespass Stock Video Footage

Two security officers noticed a trespasser on a surveillance computer screen in a dark monitoring room. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Shaky camera following footsteps of unrecognizable man going along the walkway in the dark Young rebel friends trespassing private property by climbing over urban fence 4k - Barbwire fence and amazing time lapse skies Real surveillance cameras captured and recorded the two robbers enter the house. Tilt down of three human outlines stepping along the dark tunnel in slow motion Parkour artist does elevator side flip up concrete structure and flip off. Shot in Sow Motion Pro Freerunner - does thred the needle front flip to wall flip on concrete terraced walls. Shot in Slow Motion Isolated chains break 4K Restricted Access Sign, No Entry Stop Symbol, Danger Authorized Persons Only Young criminal friends cutting wire fence in the city entering and trespassing property NO TRESPASSING SIGN ON A CHAIN LINK FENCE.  OLD & WEATHERED THIS SIGN WARNS OF A FORGOTTEN PAST.  LONG LENS, SOFT FOCUS BACKGROUND. SHOT IN 4K.  VERY INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHING SHOT Cyber attack written newspaper close up footage. Skyscrapers of Los Angeles seen behind a barb wire sliding gate (daytime) 4K No Entry Gate Sign Barrier, Stop Trespassing Door Message Day Dilapidated boarded up run down lower class two story house dormer right, lot overgrown weeds, surrounded chain link fence sign No Trespass sun low sky behind house dolly right palm tree edge fram Security Camera N1 Footage of a Hooded Hacker in Data Center, With His Laptop He Connects to One of The Rack Servers, Commits Crime and Leaves. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Area 51 Restricted Area, Warning No Trespassing Beyond This Point - Text Animation Background Loop 4K Animation
Low angle of a man climbing over a chain link fence trespassing in private property in slow motion 4k Forbidden Sign Glitch Video Background/
4k animation of a vintage forbidden sign background with nice retro glitch and distorted bad film effects Barbed wire fence loopable animation.
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