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Industrial landscape, the pipes of the thermal power plant at sunset Waiting for the vintage computer to connect to the Internet. 80s 90s style concept. Aerial top down view over oil refinery or chemical factory and power plant with many storage tanks and pipelines. Shot with 4K UHD resolution drone. Aerial panoramic flight of hyperlaps around the nuclear power plant. Winter carbon dioxide emissions, Energy of smoke and steam, sun shines through clouds of smoke. Ecology and pollution of nature. In a Secure High Level Laboratory Scientists in a Coverall Conducting a Research. Chemist Adjusts Samples in a Petri Dish with Pincers and then Examines Them Under Microscope. RED Cinema Camera. Exhaust Pipe sport car Tunnel in the clouds with alpha mask Neon night. Strobe light. Fashionable girl in stylish shiny dress among neon light tubes in a warm room. Girl of Asian appearance. Punk style. Smoke and blue neon. Aerial view at the refinery and oil tank at dusk. Business and petrochemical plants, oil storage tanks and for energy and steel pipes in Twilight time

Factory pipe polluting air time lapse, environmental problems. Industrial factory pollution, smokestack exhaust gases. Industry zone, thick smoke. Climate change, ecology, atmoshere gas, ozone layer Hot molten lava stream on a dark stone background in slow motion. flowing liquid magma / lava in 4K Rear tyre of starting car, vehicle begin to move, environment road noise. Low camera position, studded tire of standing car. Left rear wheel view, auto ride away, rendered in blur at distance. Coal fired power station pumping out smoke and steam. Global warming pollution in Manchester England UK 4K Chimneys of Power Plant at Sunset. Air Pollution Concept. 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160 Video Clip Oil Tornado and Bubbles Swirling under Pink Purple Water In Scientific Glass Tube Emission to atmosphere from industrial pipes. Smokestack pipes, Aerial Atmospheric Air Pollution From Industrial Smoke Now. Pipes Steel Plant. Thick Smoke and Steam of Steel Production Workshops.autumn Cloudy Day. Tunnel in the clouds A large hammer shatters the TV screen, splinters fly apart. Slow Motion Video MONTREAL, CANADA - September 2018 : Old Apple Computer logo on a vintage tube display monitor with fog around. 80s 90s style clip of a Mac computer Plumbing Tube Production Line. Steel Pipe Close Up, Smoke, 4k
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