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Female manager insurer consulting male customer with laptop at meeting, young saleswoman or mentor showing online presentation of deal benefits talking convincing client teaching intern sit at desk African american businessman showing computer presentation to caucasian client sitting at office desk, explaining new project business plan with pc at meeting, diverse partners negotiate using laptop Professional lawyer investment consultant consult client investor about financial contract explain online startup purchase deal sell service make business offer give presentation advice at meeting Serious professional male expert advice software pointing on laptop consulting client customer investor about financial trading investment explain data sell corporate services at office meeting Man and woman arguing disagreeing about bad business contract, colleagues having conflict dispute about document sitting at office desk, partners shouting breaking agreement with unacceptable terms Latin business colleagues in a meeting looking at a digital tablet Serious businessman wear suit speaking to male colleague partner investor explaining strategy plan with laptop sit at meeting table, two professional businessmen talking in modern corporate office Team leader woman in yellow jacket is talking with a colleagues at a meeting room. A lot of documents are on the desk. Two businessmen are working with a businesswoman together. Two concerned businessmen in a meeting in an office looking at each other with serious expressions, head and shoulders portrait in shirtsleeves The business group discussing the project, in a room behind the glass Two young stressed casual applicants sitting on office chairs, waiting their turn for job interview or exam, feeling nervous concept. Looking with anxious expression at businesswoman candidate passing Female asian manager broker advisor consulting caucasian male client with laptop showing online presentation of contract benefits talking to customer explaining deal details convincing buy services Serious stressed two business man using laptop computer to working project Two businessmen are sitting at a table in a room behind a glass wall. Businessmen in suits are discussing new project in a meeting room. African and caucasian businessmen negotiating sitting at office desk, white employee reporting to black boss about project with financial stats report at meeting, diverse partners discussing deal A businessman greets two clients as they begin their meeting. Close up shot On a Job Interview Two Senior Managers Ask Young Candidate Questions. Secret Service Recruiting Talented Young Man. Serious People Working in Government Agency. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera. Two young business men standing outdoor and talking. Businessmen in sunglasses meet and speaking outside in the city. Communication of serious colleagues in car parking. Close up Slow motion Tracking right shot of two men having business talk at table in cafe. Young businessman with laptop explaining points to unrecognizable colleague The business group discussing the project, in a room behind the glass Serious businessman in suit and glasses discussing explaining business project to businesswoman, team of two businesspeople working late together in lamplight, partners talking sitting at office desk
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