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Two fit men fight each other on top of a roof and one man punches the other in the face, in a comic book style animation. 4k shot on Alexa camera. Happy Young Couple Has Fun on a Hot Summer Day Playing with Water Hose Sprinkler in the Garden. Two Young People in Love Got Wet Jokingly Fighting with Hose. In Slow Motion. Two men fight in an industrial broken staircase in moody lighting. Medium shot in 4K with an Alexa Mini camera Two Brave Firefighters Go Up Burning Stairs. They Go Through Open Doors. Building is on Fire. Open Flames and Smoke Everywhere. Slow Motion.  Shot on RED EPIC 4K (UHD). Two men wrestle in front of an abandoned camper trailer in an old warehouse in moody lighting. Wide shot in 4K with an Alexa Mini camera Worried upset woman feeling offended frustrated after quarrel, thinking of breaking up or divorce, distraught couple experiencing betrayal misunderstanding, having problems in difficult relationships Funny young couple pretending fight battle kitchen war holding utensils having fun cooking together, happy playful man and woman laughing enjoying preparing food struggling with kitchenware at home Camera chases angry man up an industrial staircase where two enemies begin to fight in moody lighting. Medium shot in 4K with an Alexa Mini camera Professional two boxers are fighting, a punch to the face with a boxing glove, a technique of striking, a stand, protection and endurance. The concept: love of sport, young boxers, love of victory Angry couple fighting and shouting at each other, crying girlfriend, angry girlfriend with her boyfriend. Fight, argue and cry. Cinematic Premium Video. Battle Between Medieval Warriors. Medieval Reenactment. Symbolic battle between good and evil Two powerful Roman gladiators are fighting in the open field, evading each other's attacks, slow motion Slow motion - Man grabbing and tossing woman into the snow during a snowball fight Silhouettes kick boxers fight in dark. Closeup of mma fighter silhouettes. Boxing fight in dark. Two kickboxers training at dark ring. Sparring partners fight training. Fights of mixed martial arts Two men fight with martial arts on a warehouse rooftop with skilled kicks and punches in overcast sunlight. Wideshot in 4K with an Alexa Mini camera Cinematic slow motion shot of two professional young muscular shirtless male boxers are fighting and embracing after in a boxing ring. Frustrating relationship - couple at home sitting on a sofa struggling with each others company. Sad preschool kid son sulking thinking of family conflicts sit turn back to unhappy dad, punished scolded little upset guilty child boy stubborn behavior in bad relationship with father concept Man and woman in the summer in the park are engaged in Thai boxing with gloves. Vertical Man and woman in the park in sportswear are training Thai boxing. Vertical Young man holding brazilian national flag to the sky with two hands at the beach at sunset
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