Ufo Stock Video Footage

The astronaut has fun or escapes and jumps out of the spaceship's airlock into outer space. The animation is for fantastic, the futuristic or space travel backgrounds. An astronaut jumps out of a spaceship into outer space. The animation is designed for fantastic, futuristic or space travel backgrounds. An alien flying saucer chases an astronaut running through a flower field. The concept of a UFO or alien spacecraft. Looping animation for science fiction, fantasy, or space backgrounds. Stars, Planet Mars and the Milky Way over a Mountain Lake Night Time Lapse 3d abstract background, neon light, extraterrestrial landscape scene, meteor shower, falling stars, flight forward through corridor of rocks, virtual reality, outer space, speed of light, fireworks Vintage pixel art style ufo space battle video game cartoon animation Timelapse of moving star trails in night sky. The Milky Way galaxy rotating over the mountain range in summer time Universe galaxy milky way time lapse, nature blue, dark night blue weather, star lines. Meteor shower with beautiful colourful panorama. Night timelapse of moon setting behind the mountains and the Milky Way rising over the mountain range UFO Spaceship Hovering in the sky - Isolated Saucer UFO flying and rotate 4k with alpha channel Low Angle - underside version
sci-fi UFO with glowing green light UFO - Flying Saucer with Blue lights rotating infinite repeat loop - isolated on green screen background Alien realistic animation, extraterrestrial Alien Dance on Mars Alien dancing. Loopable animation on green screen. 4k. Stars and Galaxies. Loopable. Multicolored. Colorful space background: nebulas, stars, comets. Glowing galaxies and stars passing by. Images courtesy of: http://www.nasa.gov UFO Alien Cinematic invasion over earth, hundreds of metallic flying saucers/ space ships, moving toward earth 24fps - 3D animation 4K & HD menacing shot. Asbractic flight, neon light ring shape, mysterious space landscape, forward flight through the corridor of crystals, virtual reality, outer space, star panorama. Seamless loop 3d render Multicultural Diverse Office Managers and Business People Suddenly Stop on the Street and Look Up. Unbelievable, Fantastic or Tragic Event Happening Live. Crowd Takes Out Smartphones and Record Video. Aliens dance in smoke. alien has arrived on earth and is standing in forest. an actor in alien costume, in yellow raincoat and khaki pants, touches his hands.UFO futuristic concept Realistic UFO With Green Screen Background. UFO, rotating alien spaceship, flying saucer isolated on green screen background, Alien UFO near Earth, surrounded by a drone like spaceship armada, for futuristic, fantasy or interstellar deep space travel backgrounds, rendered without depth of field or motion blur.
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