United Nations New York City Stock Video Footage

This video shows aerial views of the Statue of Liberty.  The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in New York, in the United States. Flying counter clockwise around United Nations headquarters in NYC Flying further counter clockwise around United Nations headquarters in NYC NYC United Nations building, headquarters in New York City and flags of the members countries, panning view New York City, USA - 24. November 2021: United Nations Building with flags from different countries flying in the wind Sunny flying counter clockwise around United Nations Headquarters in NYC Famous Wall street and the building in New York, New York Stock Exchange with patriot flag. Wall Street road sign in the corner of New York Stock Exchange. New York Stock Exchange New York City Skyscrapers facades, windows reflection motion shot - Low angle Facade of the Stock Exchange building on Wall Street in the financial district of New York City New York City, New York circa-2017, Aerial view of the United Nations Building. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. UN aerial, New York City sunrise and early morning light. Shot in 4K, dedicated plane, hard mounted open window allows a saturated, clear edge on the shot. Flags of different nations at United Nations Plaza in New York - NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - FEBRUARY 14, 2023 Flying clockwise around United Nations headquarters in NYC American National Flag Hanging on a Building in New York City Next to Modern and Historical Office Skyscrapers. Concept of Independence, Patriotism, Liberty, Freedom in The United States of America New York, USA - November 19, 2021: UN member states’ national flags flying on flagpoles in slow motion in front of United Nations General Assembly building during regular session at UN Headquarters Symbols of the United States of America. State flag, the banking system. Financial district of New York City. Dolly shot . Hyperlapse of the Statue of Liberty in New York City 3d glitch of Statue of Liberty head on pink background. Sculpture Statue of Liberty 3D Glitch Animation. 3D animation. 4K. Ultra high definition. 3840x2160. Sunny flying clockwise around UN Headquarters in NYC New York City, NY, USA, Oct. 1 2016: United Nations Security Council meeting. United nations headquarters building footage. General assembly office and member countries flags swaying in wind animation. New York City landmark. UN building facade realistic video
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