Uptown Stock Video Footage

SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Female running in green park in small suburban town with tall buildings in the background. Girl jogging across steel bridge leading above heavy traffic highway at golden sunrise Close up establishing shot of a brick apartment building during the day. New York Chicago Boston LA Los Angeles type setting. Panning aerial shot of  Manchester, UK. New York panorama from Central park at sunset aerial view Buenos Aires, Argentina - November 23, 2015: Towering office buildings of Buenos Aires, Argentina Aerial view new york Aerial footage of Harlem, NYC. Drone footage shot during the autumn of 2016 in the north end of Central Park. Subway in City New York panorama from Central park at sunset, aerial view Aerial view on apartment blocks in suburb. Modern residential area in uptown, cars parked along street. Unique NYC Traffic Timelapse Uptown Interchange Junction 
Day to night timelapse transition uptown NYC traffic over Harlem River Time lapse - Crossroads in front of the historic 'Cruz-e-Souza' museum. Traffic lights and pedestrian crosswalks, busy day in the city's uptown. Florianópolis, Santa Catarina / Brazil	
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA uptown skyline. NEW YORK - FEB 9, 2010: 125 Street Station sign for Uptown and The Bronx 2 and 3 subway train line in Harlem NY. Harlem is a famous neighborhood in Manhattan, NYC, USA. Epic golden hour sunrise drone flight over Harlem towards the sun, Manhattan, New York City. East and Harlem Rivers in the background with bridges and trains in view. in 4k. Manhattan view from the Bronx / NYC at Night Time lapse clouds over new york city at night Slow aerial pan in towards the entire downtown district in Houston, Texas. Shot with the DJI Inspire1 in 4K high resolution. Night traffic. aerial view. street transportation Charlotte, North Carolina, USA uptown park and skyline. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA cityscape time lapse.
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