Vegetarian Stock Video Footage

Diverse happy friends eating italian pizza together, five african and caucasian young hungry students enjoying fast food meal sharing lunch during meeting sitting at cozy pizzeria restaurant table Fresh plump cherry tomatoes fall with water droplets on black background closeup in ultra slow motion with 4k Phantom Flex camera. Close-up of a chef working the wok with flames roasting mixed colorful vegetables tossing them , restaurant kitchen , slow motion Salad flying out of colander in super slow motion, shot on Phantom Flex 4K Tasty Pizza, and ingredients on background Smoking frying pan with vegetables, chef makes sauce, food cooking, vegetarian food, asian cuisine Food Truck owner serving customers healthy meal Granola with natural yogurt, fresh blueberries, nuts and honey, delicious breakfast or dessert, top view.  Healthy eating concept. Stop motion animation. The farmer is holding a biological product of potatoes, hands and potatoes stained with earth. Concept biology, bio products, bio ecology, grow vegetables, vegetarians, natural clean, fresh product. Vegetarian food, healthy eating, people, technology and diet concept - man having sandwiches with coffee for breakfast and dancing to music playing on tablet pc computer at home kitchen Falling cuts of plenty colorful vegetables isolated on black background, slow motion Fruit mixing into blender seen from inside slow motion Street-side wok fire in Shanghai slow motion. Slowmo cook fires up hot oil with vegetables outside on the road at night in downtown Shouning rd food street in China. Hand of a chef puts a basil leaf on top of the pasta dish finished before serving in the restaurant customers. Restaurant concept, food, quality, nature. Mountain landscape Asian running man Jogging in the morning slow motion The girl in a supermarket selects the fruit. Slow zoom on elegant female hands holding plump tomatoes over water with reflection on black background closeup in ultra slow motion with 4k Phantom Flex camera. Blender with green vegetarian smoothie top view Hands Using Smartphone Taking Photos Of Hipster Flat Lay With Burgers, French Fries, Coffee and French Baguettes. Closeup. 4K. Strawberry falling in white yogurt cream in slow motion tabletop Extreme closeup top view of avocado smash rotating in 4K. Traditional tasty sauce guacamole.
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