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KANSAS CITY, USA - MAY 1966: Boy practice swinging like baseball legend 'Babe Ruth' by pointing to where the ball is going to go with the bat. 1950s: Baseball players play baseball game. Football players play football game. Sumo, judo and fencing, national sports in Japan in the 1940s, with a mix of western sports that include, tennis, golf, horse racing and baseball. (1940s) Slow motion smashing tv screen with sledgehammer
1950s: Baseball player on TV pitches. Batter hits ball and runs. Woman, girl and two boys watch baseball game on television. Players advance from second to third base, and third base to home plate. Players celebrating a win after a cricket match in a stadium, Karachi, Pakistan, COLUMBUS, OHIO - SEPTEMBER 1965: Boy playing little league baseball is pitching in this popular American pastime. January 17, 2018, Bettendorf, Iowa, Baseball Cards - Vintage - Pan 1940s - Archival film describing how Western Union telegraph service delivers sports news. 1960s: Girl in white shorts and blouse does sit-ups as another girl holds her feet. African-American boy in gym clothes throws a baseball. Fielder throws the ball back. Vintage puppet monkey wants to play baseball. DAYTON, OHIO 1964: Little league baseball boys team yankees leaving field. 1950s: UNITED STATES: children play ball games in street. Boy hits ball. Boy runs after ball. Boy runs towards oncoming car 1950s: Boy playing catcher in baseball. Pitcher throws softball. Catcher catches softball and throws it back. Man in suit talks while holding notebook forward. Hillbilly with baseball bat, slow motion Spooky psycho in a mask and a white hoodie tries to smash a Halloween pumpkin with a baseball bat but misses while a drummer plays drums in an abandoned factory with lighted torches on background Baseball slow motion Baseball Glove With Ball ALBANY, NY. USA - 1953: City kids visiting the farm and playing baseball with whatever they had. Baseball Player Animated Drawing on Chalkboard. hand-drawn outline Sequence. Five seconds buildup, two seconds Loop, 3 seconds Clean the chalkboard NEW YORK - FEB 9, 2010: Yankee Stadium sign, subway platform at 161 street in the bronx, 4 train entering station, NY. Yankee Stadium is home of the New York Yankees baseball franchise in NYC, USA.
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