Vitality Stock Video Footage

Close up portrait of Young Woman smiling with Red hair blowing in wind looking at sunset over ocean Girl wearing yellow raincoat trekking in Scotland Slow Motion Close up portrait of Woman looking up at rain in nature with wet hair Hiker Girl trekking in Scotland Slow Motion Close up image of professional basketball player making slam dunk during basketball game in floodlight basketball court. The player is wearing unbranded sport clothes. Aerial - Flying around young man standing victoriously on top of the mountain at sunset Muscular young man running athlete sprinting fast intense workout challenge training endurance in urban city Women jumping off boat into ocean two girls jump into clear blue water from sailboat enjoying active lifestyle summer holiday travel vacation adventure Young tourist woman jumping out of water with arms up looking at Positano town in background Swimmer girl Celebrating Italian Vacation enjoying European summer holiday travel adventure in Amalfi Italy Happy Young Tourist Woman running up through street in Italian town smiling and laughing POV travel concept Amalfi Coast Positano Italy Rear view A single droplet of oil falling into swirl of milky liquid. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. Diverse Young Party People On Rooftop Lifting Up Sparkler Fire In The Air In Colorful Smoke Holding Sparkler Fire In Rain Of Confetti Relaxation And Joy Friendship Concept At Sunset Shot on Red Epic W A young beautiful hand watering a plant in a romantic natural and magical atmosphere Funny overweight man doing crunches with great effort on mat, losing weight. Plump male struggling to do sit-up exercise, home workout program, healthy lifestyle, dieting. Weak muscles sportsman
Young man athlete legs running up stairs training intense cardio workout exercise male runner feet jogging on steps in urban city background slow motion Strong young woman running on stormy beach sprinting fast exercising cardio workout training focused female athlete runner in cloudy seaside background tracking close up Happy woman jumping on bed in luxury apartment, super slow motion, 240fps
Close up fit woman jogging exercising running cardio workout focused female runner endurance training Droplets of oil falling. Slow Motion. Business Woman Dancing In Office Hall Wearing Wireless Earphones Young woman wearing glasses inhaling and exhaling fresh air, taking deep breath, enjoying practicing breathing pranayama exercises indoors, calming down, reducing stress, close up face side view Young couple holding hands woman leading boyfriend up steps through street in Italian town POV travel concept Amalfi Coast Positano Italy Mountain landscape Asian running man Jogging in the morning slow motion
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