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Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Close-up aerial view of the Capital Dome and Washington D.C. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. Over Washington DC cityscape at night, Washington Monument and Capitol in distance. Shot in 2011. Washington Monument in early morning, located in Washington DC, USA. Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC,United States Government -  tracking shot with sun lens flare  between the bottom of the pillars. WASHINGTON, DC - JAN. 21, 2017: Women's March on Washington on 17th St. near White House; "Donald Trump Has Got to Go" chant, part of gigantic turnout that flooded DC in show of solidarity.

Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial sunrise view of Washington Monument and White House. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. Young man walking around exploring Georgetown Harbor neighborhood of Washington DC at night by waterfront park in dark evening, twilight, dusk after sunset CIRCA 1969- Vietnam War protesters parade in the streets of Washington DC. WASHINGTON DC - CIRCA 1990s - 1990s - Aerial over the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Wide camera motion to right of west facade of the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC. WASHINGTON, DC - March 24, 2018: Hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in the March for Our Lives, a nationwide protest against gun violence in wake of the Parkland school shooting. Us Capitol building inside, dome - Washington DC, United States WASHINGTON, DC - JAN. 19, 2019: Close on passing, chanting marchers among the thousands of demonstrators in Women's March of 2019 making their presence known. WASHINGTON, DC - DEC. 2015: Motorcade transporting president. Secret Service vehicles race down street, Major highway closed,follow on ambulance -- this is how presidential motorcade travels. WASHINGTON, DC - MAR. 24, 2018: March for Our Lives, Washington, DC.  ENOUGH, the sentiments of hundreds of thousands of students and others at the massive rally on Pennsylvania Ave., US Capitol in bg Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial view of the Pentagon. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial view of Pentagon at sunrise. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial view of sunrise over Washington D.C. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. Washington, D.C. May 22,Tracking shot under Cherry Blossoms in full bloom during the DC Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C.-2010s: Police in riot gear form a line to confront protestors at Trump's Inauguration in Washington DC. Full Moon Rise over Washington DC - The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument and The US Capitol Building serve as a fine foreground for a beautiful evening. Yes, it's real. Shot at 4K 4096 x 2160
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