Wearable Stock Video Footage

Young woman in VR headset looks around and wonders how amazing. Virtual reality helmet on black background Futuristic Female Engineer Wearing Virtual Reality Glasses, Designs in 3D Field with Wind Turbines. Renewable Energy Expert Does Technological Efficiency Testing. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera. Woman using virtual reality headset and looking around at interactive technology exhibition. VR, augmented reality, digital art, futuristic, interactive, immersive and entertainment concept Slow motion of man with television covering face doing the floss dance wearing sparkly costume against black background Portrait men in modern VR headset turning head around, looking virtual reality in google's in dark space at background colored neon lamps Pleasant woman repeating motions after robot Caucasian female professional architect using augmented reality AR hololens headset to work on a house project. 4K UHD RAW edited footage Guy Scrolling On Display On Smartwatch.Man Using Smart Watch Wearable Wristband Device.Male Checking Pulse Smartwatch App.Close Up Touch Screen Wearable Technology Smart Band On Wrist Outdoor. Woman uses a virtual reality glasses on the roof A businessman is followed by a conference on the economy and finance that appears in hologram clock futuristic and technological. Concept: network, conference, technology, augmented reality and future In Robotics Development Laboratory: Engineers and Scientists Work on a Bionics Exoskeleton Prototype with Person Testing it. Designing Wearable Exosuit to Help Disabled People, Warehouse Workers Runner woman running in park exercising outdoors fitness tracker wearable technology Runner woman running in park exercising outdoors fitness tracker wearable technology 4K Runner starting smart watch timer and running. Man checking heart rate monitor before jogging. Lifestyle POV shot. Excited preteen students using augemnted reality for studying in modern school. View of pupils with VR headsets during a computer science class. Closeup of feet of female runner getting ready tying running shoes with smartwatch, earphones and phone for music motivation for cardio workout training on athletic track in outdoor gym. Smartwatch. Young woman using smart watch on beach. Closeup of female touching touch screen on watch entering watch app. Woman uses a virtual reality glasses indoors Cool happy woman laughing at funny streaming movie on laptop at home drinking coffee having fun alone 4K Computer game designer looks directly into camera before putting on VR viewer Dec 2016-UK Woman using smartwatch touchscreen wearable technology device. Closeup. Smart watch on female wrist. Pretty girl making gestures on a smartwatch computer device
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