Windows Stock Video Footage

Close up portrait of young asian teenager man looking serious confident at camera in apartment windows background slow motion Happy cool male customers sitting in barber chair in interior hipster barbershop with soft day lighting. Wide shot on 4k RED camera on a gimbal. Attractive young lady is reading book sitting on windowsill in the house together with adorable puppy. Large window, green plants, nice interior is visible. Red pixel eye symbol on glitch lcd led screen display background animation seamless loop ... New quality universal close up vintage dynamic animated colorful joyful cool video footage Beautiful window freezing animation from borders to center, timelapse frost forming transition, natural crystal icing, isolated on black background with black and white luminance matte, alpha channel. Night time lapse of Light in the windows of a multistory building. life in a big city Rain water drops Falling Down On the Window Glass in slow motion, White Water Drops On Black Glass. Rain Drops On The Windows Glass,  Macro shot of water droplets falling on black surface. Beautiful Animation of Freezing Window from Borders to the Center. Freezing and Defrosting. HD 1080. Alpha Mask. 4k version in My Portfolio. Girl standing at the window in airport terminal. Business woman opening curtains in hotel room looking out window at fresh new day successful independent female planning ahead on cloudy morning Beautiful Female CEO in Her Office Looks out of the Window on a Big City at Night. Strong Independent Woman with Big Accomplishments Behind and Ahead of Her. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera Close up of the hands of top managers in business suits, shake hands with each other, against the window in the office, agree to a deal or say hello. Slow motion, unrecognizable person Young businesswoman unveil curtain and looking out of window
A curious dog looks out the car window, which rides through a small town. Against the background of a beautiful sky A young redhead woman enjoys traveling in a car by sticking out her legs in an open window. Slow motion. Aerial View Footage: From Outside into Office Building with Businessman Working and Looking out of the Window.  Rain days, heavy rain falling on window surface Low angle shot with tilt up of two businessmen in official clothes greeting each other with handshake and discussing work before big window Beautiful Brunette Slowly Waking up in the Morning, Stretches and Gets Up from the Bed, Sun Shines on Her From the Big Window. Happy Young Girl Greets New Day Happy Family Idyll Little Child Daughter Jump On Father Arms And They Fall On A Bed Close up business people shaking hands successful corporate partnership deal welcoming opportunity for cooperation in office 4k footage
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