Windshield Stock Video Footage

Portrait of beautiful Young Woman Driving Car through big Sunny City. Camera Shot Made From the Front Windshield. Driving a Car on a Road in Norway Lofoten Man Driving a Car at Sunset. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Male Hand on steering wheel close up. Beautiful Road in blurred background. Happy couple driving on country road into the sunset in classic vintage sports car An Asian man drives a car along the highway, the setting sun shines in the windshield. Back view Driving at night. Windshield view and blurred cars in city. Illuminated front car window with blurred city traffic on town streets. The driver's hand on the steering wheel against the background of the night road and the glare of passing cars. Close-up. 4K Happy Couple Driving on Country Road into the Sunset in Classic Vintage Sports Car. Steadicam Shot with Flare. Romantic Freedom Love Concept. 4k Traffic Speed Driving time lapse footage for different projects and events!!! Artistic crime scene at night with red, white and blue flashing emergency light blurred in the background with police tape blowing in the wind. Woman drives the car while sunset.  Young woman driving the car.  Young adult girl driving car. Real time. Sun's rays shine through the windshield of the car. Rear View to woman drives a automobile Scraping snow and ice from car windshield. Windshield wipers raised the night before to prevent them getting frozen. Winter driving in Toronto, Canada. Plate glass window shattering on black from the side, isolated on black breaking in slow motion in 4k Funny dog in sunglasses looks out of the window of a car that rides in a typical US suburb Intense blizzard snow storm gale force wind whiteout night extreme weather driving POV Slow motion shot of bullet shooting through glass, shot with Phantom Flex 4K camera. Raindrops of white water falling down on glass. Perfect for digital composing. Pure black background. Driving in the rain view from inside car with rain drops on car windshield. Rain drops on window car windshield Man is driving a car. Reflection face in rearview mirror of vehicle. Time of sunset in a city Slow motion and defocused of rain drops on windshield and car wipers are removing rains. Driving on rainy highway. Cleaning the windshield at gas station.
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