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Slow motion view of diverse men and woman with beer and popcorn spilled cheering for winner team while watching sport game Four young adult friends watching sports on TV celebrating Young Hispanic family sitting on the sofa at home watching TV together, close up Joyful man and woman are watcing TV throwing popcorn and laughing having fun together in house at night. Happy people, relationship and home concept. Couple Watches Green Mock-up Screen TV while Sitting on a Couch in the Living Room. Romantic Evening for Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Shocked and surprised reaction from a woman watching TV at home. Camera pushes in towards her reaction. Shot on ARRI Cinema Camera and lenses in 4K (UHD). Rear View Of Family With Children Sitting On Sofa In Living Room Evening Watching Green Mock-up Screen TV Together. Family Sitting Together Sofa In Their Living Room Night Watching TV Green Screen. Woman watching tv at home Man and woman slumped in front of the tv. Man and woman watching tv with shocked expressions on their faces. Watching TV Multi Screen Television. Head shot of a ponytail woman watching many videos in a wall of televisions Happy young European family with two kids gather on couch to watch TV at home smiling. Togetherness and entertainment. Young Man and Woman at Home Using Green Mock-up Screen Laptop Computer While Sitting on Couch in Living Room. Couple in Love Talking and Watching TV Show. Zoom out Back View Camera Shot. Woman using movie stream service with tablet. Choosing series or film and lying on couch in home living room. Watching an episode of a tv show with mobile device. Streaming on demand video. A terrified young woman watches a horror film at the cinema Boyfriend and Girlfriend Watching Epic War Movie on TV while Sitting on a Couch at Home in the Evening. Back View Shot. Woman at the cinema beings to cry while watching a sad and emotional movie Rear of the blonde woman in the plaid blue shirt sitting on the sofa in the living room and watching TV with green screen, then changing channels with a remote control. Chroma key. Indoors A young woman at the movies begins to smile and laugh Extremely bored and frustrated couple sitting on a sofa at home struggle to watch a terrible movie.. Couple watching television together at night, sharing popcorn.
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