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Close-up: the man bends over the desk and makes notes with a pen, leaning on the table. Close-up: a writing pen. The man's hand holds the pen and guides the line along the paper. Male broker sales manager worker in suit talking on the phone using laptop at work desk, serious businessman employee making telephone call consulting customer in modern office at corporate workplace Stressed unmotivated man confused by mistake in documents, looking through papers, frowning using laptop, failing urgent task, missing deadline, quits after bad work fed up with difficult job African couple holding meeting with lawyer sitting at coffee house table, black man and woman make agreement handshaking advisor, diverse young business people closing deal after negotiations in cafe Thoughtful businessman holding hand on chin lost in thoughts at work with laptop, serious pensive man looking away think of problem solution search for inspiration new ideas sit at home office desk Close-up: the man bends over the desk and makes notes with a pen, leaning on the table. Close-up: a writing pen. The man's hand holds the pen and guides the line along the paper. African american businessman presenting document sitting at conference table, persuading investors, influencing on clients decision with negotiation selling skill, convincing partners to make deal Asian woman feeling stress from work in the office.Tired business woman at workplace in office holding his head on hands feel headache. Workers, architects checking a building plan, close up. Male and Female Mechanical Engineers Talking, while Walking Through Industrial Factory, Male Holds Laptop. Modern Facility with Automatic Machinery Working in Background. Senior woman using laptop feeling discomfort from dry irritated fatigued eyes taking off glasses, older mature businesswoman tired of computer worker suffering from blurry vision eyestrain problem Businesswoman working on tablet computer in the city, steadicam shot Man and woman arguing disagreeing about bad business contract, colleagues having conflict dispute about document sitting at office desk, partners shouting breaking agreement with unacceptable terms Happy senior middle aged woman holding financial documents using laptop for internet banking, smiling old mature lady paying bill with online application on laptop working on computer doing paperwork Inside the Heavy Industrial Factory Industrial Engineer Holds Laptop and Has Discussion with Project Manager. They Wear Hard Hats and Safety Jackets. In the Background Welding/ Metalwork in Progress. Bearded Handsome Man Chatting on his Modern Mobile Phone. Standing by the Glass Office full of Business People. Wearing Classical Suit, Eyeglasses. Luxury Lifestyle. Rich WristWatch. Slow Motion. Young casual woman sitting at desk using laptop, answering call, talking on the phone, smiling teen speaking on mobile, having pleasant conversation on cell while working with computer in office Young indian businesswoman talking on the phone consulting client in corporate office, focused hindu sales manager worker sitting at work desk with laptop making telephone call selling services Assembly Line Worker holding an Electronic Circuit Board in a Computer Factory. Close-Up. Zoom In. Shot of a businessman using a laptop while talking on mobile Busy woman talking on the phone in kitchen, multi-tasking mom cooking and working, holding child at home
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