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1940s - American bombers attack German oil refineries in World War II. 1940s - New fighter aircraft are shipped to England in World War II and submarines attack the convoys. 1940s - Air Force bombers are prepared for a run over Germany in World War Two. 1940s - Images of World War Two include bombings, jeeps, tanks and armored vehicles. 1940s - An overview of military planes used during World War Two 1940s - Allied forces begin D-Day and attempt to recapture France during World War 2 1950s - German submarines threaten shipping lanes in World War Two. EUROPE - CIRCA 1942-1944: World War II, Hitler Salute 1940s - American troops are redeployed to Japan on troop ships and return victorious after World War two. 1940s - Japan bombs ports and ships at Midway and New Guinea during World War two. 1940s - The U.S. army as it moves through Eastern France and Belgium into defeat Germany in World War two. 1940s - Invasion of Normandy footage in World War Two and treatment of the wounded. 1950s - American troops in the South pacific islands of Truk and Eniwetok during World War Two. 1940s - Depicts the German invasion of Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France, as well as the evacuation British forces at Dunkirk. 1940s - Home movie footage of the celebrations following World War Two. 1940s - Captured Italian war film from 1942 shows the Battle of the Straits of Sicily in World War two. 1940s - German's develop V1 and V2 missiles in World War II to bomb London. 1940s - Allied forces begin D-Day and attempt to recapture France during World War 2 1950s - The story of Naval hero Chester Nimitz features battleships attacking Okinawa, Japan. 1940s - The Normandy campaign in World War II. 1940s - A 1940s film detailing the war in the pacific during World War 2
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