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CIRCA 1961 - As Nazi Germany was invading Europe during WWII, the Fourth Army began training again at Fort Benning, Georgia/ CIRCA - 1942 - Hitler, Mussolini, and a Japanese Military leader under Hirohito speak to large crowds promising world dominance. CIRCA 1940s - Women work in factories and as fire fighters during World War II in America Footage shot from an airplane gives an aerial view of the mushroom cloud accompanying an atomic bomb test off the Bikini Islands in 1946. (1940s) World War II paratroopers dropping into battlefield during war. 4K CIRCA 1943 - Adolf Hitler appeals to Germans in Czechoslovakia and internationally that they are part of the higher German race. Employees working in munitions factory, 1940s CIRCA 1943 - The US Army Air Force bombs a Japanese base. MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 05, 2016: Night rehearsal celebration of the Victory Day (WWII). The RS-24 Yars (SS-27 Mod 2) is a MIRV-equipped, thermonuclear weapon intercontinental ballistic missile 1950s - Newsreel feature: History of Flight - Amelia Earhart and WWII Squadron of World War II P51 military fighter bomber airplanes flying in slow motion CIRCA 1950s - Mussolini is surrounded by fascist military members in the 1940s during the WWII. CIRCA 1940s - Crowds of Americans celebrate as World War Two comes to an end. The Marine Corps War Memorial A close-up of the feet of military men who march on the parade on May 9, 2018 in a slow motion shot. Same clothes and shoes in public. Military march close-up in slowmotion shooting. Steadicam walk between barbed wire fences. Auschwitz Birkenau, German Nazi concentration and extermination camp. Barracks in falling snow. 4K video Close-up shot of old rusty barbed wire fence in former concentration camp. Brick barracks in the snow. 4K clip MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 07, 2019: Rehearsal of the Victory Day celebration (WWII). Rehearsal of parade - ceremonial March of soldiers on Red Square. Military Academy of strategic missile forces CIRCA - 1942 - Hirohito, Hitler, and Mussolini took away the liberties of their people as they gained power in Japan, Germany and Italy prior to WWII. Cathedral of Intercession of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat ( Temple of Basil the Blessed) and fireworks,  Red Square, Moscow, Russia CIRCA - 1944 - Allied soldiers rush the beach ready for action and taking fire on D-Day.
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