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1950s - Newsreel feature: History of Flight - Amelia Earhart and WWII CIRCA 1940s - Crowds of Americans celebrate as World War Two comes to an end. MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 05, 2016: Night rehearsal celebration of the Victory Day (WWII). The RS-24 Yars (SS-27 Mod 2) is a MIRV-equipped, thermonuclear weapon intercontinental ballistic missile Adolf Hitler addresses crowds in speech in Germany circa World War II 1940s - Allied forces prepare for the invasion of France during World War 2 V-2 missile launch, World War II 1950s - Nazi troops march through Germany, France and Poland. Footage shot from an airplane gives an aerial view of the mushroom cloud accompanying an atomic bomb test off the Bikini Islands in 1946. (1940s) 1960s - Nazi parade is watched over by Adolph Hitler. Buildings, including St Paul's Cathedral, burn during the Second Great Fire of London in December of 1940. (1940s) GERMANY - 1930s: World War II, German soldiers marching, Hitler in staff car in a parade, Hitler enters government building 1950s - A narrator discusses the history of American dance and music during the 1950s with a focus on the post-World War 2 world The Marine Corps War Memorial UNITED STATES 1940s: Close up of radar screen / Animation of radar waves deflected off land. UNITED STATES 1940s: Aerial view of bombers / Plane drops bombs / Planes drop bombs / Bombs dropping / Plane drops bombs / Bombs dropping / Aerial views, explosions over Japan / View of parade. EUROPE- CIRCA 1939-1944: World War II: Tanks continuous track moving over dirt,  Artillery cannon fire, Distant explosions beyond trees and buildings
EUROPE - CIRCA 1942-1944: World War II, Hitler Salute Soldier caught in rope ladder during basic training, 1940s EUROPE - APRIL 2015 - Moody and edgy epic WW2 Re-enactment, recreation -- Nazi SS Soldiers round up Civilian prisoners in Europe in 1930s, 1940s and search then march onto trains with steam and night 1940s - Depicts the German invasion of Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France, as well as the evacuation British forces at Dunkirk. CIRCA 1930s - Nazis bomb Poland and France and England prepare to fight back in 1939.
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