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1950s - Newsreel feature: History of Flight - Amelia Earhart and WWII 1940s - Allied forces prepare for the invasion of France during World War 2 Adolf Hitler addresses crowds in speech in Germany circa World War II 1950s - Nazi troops march through Germany, France and Poland. V-2 missile launch, World War II 1960s - Nazi parade is watched over by Adolph Hitler. EUROPE - CIRCA 1942-1944: World War II, Hitler and Soldiers March Through Town EUROPE - CIRCA 1942-1944: World War II, Hitler Salute 1950s - A narrator discusses the history of American dance and music during the 1950s with a focus on the post-World War 2 world MOSCOW/RUSSIA - MAY 5: T-90A main battle tanks move in motorcade on Tverskaya Zastava square during night rehearsal of parade devoted to Victory Day on May 5, 2014 in Moscow. The Marine Corps War Memorial 1940s - Post-WWII film depicting the value of the Air Force in Allied victory. 1940s - Depicts the German invasion of Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France, as well as the evacuation British forces at Dunkirk. EUROPE- CIRCA 1939-1944: World War II: Tanks continuous track moving over dirt,  Artillery cannon fire, Distant explosions beyond trees and buildings
CIRCA 1940s - Crowds of Americans celebrate as World War Two comes to an end. 1940s - Newsreel story: The Blitz in Britain 1940s - Allied forces begin D-Day and attempt to recapture France during World War 2 LONDON- CIRCA 1942-1944: World War II, Reconnaissance Planes Survey London EUROPE - CIRCA 1942-1944: World War II, Russian Soldiers Marching 1940s - Many products are produced in wartime at the Kimberly-Clark plant in 1945 1950s - Newsreel story: Winston Churchill visits the US
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