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CIRCA 1940s - Soldiers in WWII keep rifles clean by falling correctly. CIRCA 1940 - German soldiers march through the wreckage of a French city. Hitler looks over a map with Nazi officials. CIRCA 1945 - The 9th Armoured Division establishes and defends the Remagen bridgehead over the Rhine, in Germany during WWII. CIRCA 1961 - As Nazi Germany was invading Europe during WWII, the Fourth Army began training again at Fort Benning, Georgia/ CIRCA 1940s - Newsreel footage of boxing matches by and for members of the American military during World War II CIRCA - 1942 - Hitler, Mussolini, and a Japanese Military leader under Hirohito speak to large crowds promising world dominance. CIRCA 1944 - German artillerymen and an armored unit are successful in battle. An officer interrogates American POWs. CIRCA 1940s - Women work in factories and as fire fighters during World War II in America CIRCA 1943 - Adolf Hitler appeals to Germans in Czechoslovakia and internationally that they are part of the higher German race. Footage shot from an airplane gives an aerial view of the mushroom cloud accompanying an atomic bomb test off the Bikini Islands in 1946. (1940s) CIRCA 1944- Deportees arrive by train, receive food in a food line, and are registered at a Jewish commission in Amsterdam during WWII. Employees working in munitions factory, 1940s World War II paratroopers dropping into battlefield during war. 4K CIRCA 1940s - Radar technology was a secret held by the US during World War II CIRCA 1943 - The US Army Air Force bombs a Japanese base. CIRCA 1945 - Crews on allied aircraft carriers fight off kamikaze planes. Squadron of World War II P51 military fighter bomber airplanes flying in slow motion CIRCA 1944- Jewish deportees are checked into reception and deportees travel with their belongings on a street in Amsterdam during WWII. CIRCA 1940s - Allied troops cross the only in tact bridge along the Rhine, the Ludendorff Bridge, near the end of WWII in March 1945. CIRCA 1950s - Mussolini is surrounded by fascist military members in the 1940s during the WWII. CIRCA 1940s - Nazi warplanes drop bombs and dogfight with Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire fighter planes above London.
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