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Business and communnication network on city background Editorial Animation of social network notifications. Increasing counters of the new friends and messages on LCD screen. Close up. Depth of Field. The Matrix style binary code. The camera moves through the falling numbers. Available in multiple color options. Green version. Seamless loop. 4K Technology Interface - Computer Data Screen Display Animation World connections with city lights. Gray. Earth globe. Spinning Earth with light lines growing from major cities all over the world. Loopable. Images courtesy of: NASA http://www.nasa.gov London / UK - Dec 14 2018: Editorial Animation of social network notifications and increasing counters on the LCD screen. Close up to Like, Retweet and Reply Icons. Successful and Popular New Tweet. Extreme close-up of human hands on keyboard at sunset. RAW video record. 4K rendered computer generated big data video abstract moving background. Triangles, dots and lines are connecting with shine on blur background. Slow motion and shallow depth of field Growing network connections. 2 colors in 1 file. Loopable. Blue-Silver. Perfect to use as a technology, communication or social media background. More options in my portfolio. Stars and Galaxies. Loopable. Multicolored. Colorful space background: nebulas, stars, comets. Glowing galaxies and stars passing by. Images courtesy of: http://www.nasa.gov TIME-LAPSE: Shopping in a online shop - Cart (macro) Bright connections forming a network over Europe. This video can be used to represent concepts like technology, social networks, communication, air and sea transportation. Global communications through the network of connections over Europe. Concept of internet, social media, traveling or logistics. High resolution texture of city lights at night. 4k - Ultra HD. Computer program code running in a virtual space. Loopable. 360. Blue/black. 
Business and communnication network on city background Search Files Process in Big Data Array Camera move through pieces of software source code Computer code running in a virtual space. Loopable. Dark Blue. Dolly in.  
MORE COLOR OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. HTML Web Page Code Scrolling WWW written in search bar with cursor and magnifier symbol Thin laptop animation. Spinning. Highly detailed aluminum laptop spinning and opening over white background. The white display is perfect for tracking and adding your own photos or videos.
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