Beautiful top view time-lapse of car traffic at roundabout lane and buildings. 4K drone aerial zoom out. Urban cityscape concept or abstract of advanced innovation, financial technology, energy power

Stock Footage ID: 1031822039
Categories: Technology, Transportation
Duration: 6.875s
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Keywords: advanced communication lifestyle asia business asian money bangkok roundabout road intersection busy commuter life net cityscape building corporate architecture construction industry landmark project cyberpunk commercial world bandwidth cyberspace space technology time-lapse developing country metropolis metropolitan drone aerial top view e commerce ecommerce web site futuristic intelligence cycle lane global fintech crypto cryptocurrency high angle above express highway interchange expressway hyper lapse time lapse industrial civil engineering infinity information cloud computing innovation automobile development internet connection 5g application land transportation timelapse logistic big data solution metro junction center link neon light illuminated virtual network digital cyber ai night commute journey infinite no people car finance online financial economy encryption path way direction stream public transport exterior loop round cross bridge central rush hour fast speed sci-fi scifi beautiful cinematic science evolution future effect street travel outdoor growth structure landscape background sustainable fuel energy power system advance connect software tech circuit abstract concept telecom electronic electric connectivity telecommunication forward visual trade currency job process traffic circle drive capital upward fly up flow urban downtown city thailand vehicle navigation gps location map vision computer blockchain block chain winding driveway journey infrastructure work intelligent stock exchange zoom out 4k hyperlapse

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